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Spice Cookies

In Dessert on October 26, 2010 at 6:00 am

These AMAZING cookies are based on a recipe from the Food Network. To be specific their Screaming Spice Cookies. Can you tell Halloween is coming?

So other than their very FUN name, and the fact that the Food Network classified them as ‘difficult’ I really don’t need another reason to make this delightful treat. But, I found one anyway, the fact that they have some of my favorite ingredients in them. Now that’s an EXCELLENT reason. I took them in a different direction than their original one, using Halloween cookie cutters rather than make the ghost-like pops suggested.

I started the same way the recipe advised, I combined the dry ingredients (flour, baking soda, pumpkin pie spice, and salt) in a medium sized bowl.

Dry Ingredients

Then I melted the butter in the microwave, added the sugars, and beat the mixture until it was fluffy in a large bowl. I then added the vanilla extract and an egg, and beat the mixture until it was smooth.

Sugar Mixture

Next, I added the dry ingredients slowly, using the hand mixer to make sure the dough remained smooth.


Then into the refrigerator went the dough until it cooled (about 3 hours). This caused the dough to get hard and was a little difficult to get out of the bowl, but then I should have wrapped the dough in saran-wrap before I put it in the refrigerator, instead of leaving it in the mixing bowl. Next time, well, next time I’ll remember to get some at the grocery store..oops.

Now in my opinion, it was time for the fun part, cookie cutters! I have a box of a little over a hundred different shapes, numbers, letters, holiday and seasonal cookies cutters; you name it I more than likely have it. I LOVE making cookies! So I broke out the rolling pin, put some flour on the table and started rolling. I made mine about 1/4th of an inch thick, the trick is to get the sheet of dough even. Once you’ve done that, you press in the cookie cutters.

Cookie Cutters

More Cookie Cutters

As you can see there are pumpkins, a haunted house, a witch, a cat, a ghost, a bat, and a moon. Once you have the shapes cut out, place them on a cookie tray, and bake at 350°F, for about 7 minutes. I say about 7 minutes, because how long you bake them is based on how thick the cookies are.

Ready for the Oven

Right Out of the Oven

As you can see from the pictures the dough became a lighter brown and rose in the oven. In the end I had a table full of VERY yummy, undecorated cookies.

In Need of Decorations

Of course there are cookie decorating rules, and the most important is to make sure the cookies are completely cooled all the way through, before you add icing. I ran out of time, so I didn’t ice them tonight. I saved the icing for tomorrow night!


In the meantime….

Bon Appetit!