Thanksgiving Day Feast Practice

In Appetizers, Breakfast, Dessert, Entrees, Side Dishes on November 4, 2010 at 8:22 am

Hello Fellow Foodies!

Welcome to the MOST Foodelicious Time of the Year!

As I’m sure those of you that have been following my blog have noticed I’ve been creating some VERY seasonal dishes, well this month is going to be no different! I have decided to step up my game and instead of sitting on the couch with various members of my family on Thanksgiving Day indulging in some very athletic and parade oriented entertainment, while my mother mans the kitchen, I am going to help out. Now, we all know I don’t like to do anything on a small scale, so in order to do all this right, I’m going to need to practice.

For me, Thanksgiving Day practice is going to consist of a series of desserts, appetizers, side dishes, and perhaps if I’m really feeling up to a challenge a small turkey. I’m taking requests, but on the menu so far are:

As I said this is just what I have so far, so if you see something that you think needs to be added (or subtracted) let me know. The idea is for all my favorite foodies to go home for the holidays and WOW the people in their family that usually cook.

The only thing left to say at this point is…who’s with me!?

Ready for a challenge?

Let’s create a series of…

Bon Appetit Moments!

P.S. I also LOVE leftovers, so stay tuned for some fun and delicious things to do with all that leftover goodness! That will certainly be another…

Bon Appetit!

  1. The table setting looks beautiful and the food looks delicious. I plan to try some of your ideas. The only thing I need to know at this point, is what time should I arrive for dinner, Erin

  2. Thanks Violet! I’m very excited about Thanksgiving this year, and your son makes an excellent Pumpkin Chocolate Chip cookie, just so you know. 🙂

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