Pumpkin Bars, A Sweet Halloween Treat

In Dessert on October 31, 2010 at 8:00 pm

Happy Halloween Foodies!

This brisk, fall, holiday made me want to get in the kitchen and make a festive treat today! The question was what to make. I seriously considered indulging in some Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies again, but thought that a new recipe would be more fun. In my search, I stumbled upon a recipe for Pumpkin Bars on The Food Network. I used the recipe for cream cheese icing from this recipe last week and thought I would see if the bars were as delicious as the icing was!


This was a super easy treat to make and could be accomplished in the same amount of time it takes me to make brownies from a box (yes, I do occasionally cheat, but shhhhhhh). I started by heating the oven to 350°F. Then I combined the eggs, sugar, oil, and pumpkin in a medium bowl, I should have used a large bowl, since there was quite a bit of ingredient sprayed all over my kitchen, when I used the hand mixer on it.

Pumpkin Mixture

Instead of mixing the dry ingredients in a separate bowl, I decided to add them slowly to the mixture I already had. I added the baking powder, ground cinnamon, salt, and baking soda at once, and used the hand mixer to beat the mixture until it was fluffy again. Then I added the flour 1/2 a cup at a time, while mixing. In the end I had a light, still semi-fluffy mixture, about the consistency of, well a cake mix to pour into a baking pan.

Ready for the Oven

I used a larger pan, 11 in. x 15 in. This didn’t effect the amount of time they were in the oven, I checked them after 20 minutes, then again after 25 minutes, and after 30 minutes…THEY WERE DONE!!


Since they were called bars, I expected them to be, well, heavier. These bars were light and fluffy, almost like a cake would be. I’m not complaining though, they are delicious. I didn’t ice them, because the icing makes food difficult to transport and I want my classmates to be able to enjoy them this week. If you do plan on icing them, wait until they are cool to ice them. You should also wait until they are cool to cut them into smaller squares. The nice part about this treat is you can cut them into whatever size squares you want, I chose smaller ones. I’d love to tell you how many this actually yielded, but I started munching as I was cutting…oops.

Pumpkin Bars

There are more than a few though. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Have a Happy Halloween, and stay posted for a light, fall, entree coming later this week!

In the meantime…

Bon Appetit!

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